Calvin Klein Men’s Socks Ranking TOP1 - Blend Mid-Calf Lightweight Cre Cotton Calvin Klein Men’s Socks Ranking TOP1 - Blend Mid-Calf Lightweight Cre Cotton Cotton,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Socks,Mid-Calf,Calvin,-,Cre,Blend,Lightweight,Klein,/Athabascan1591531.html,$24,Men’s, Cotton,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Socks,Mid-Calf,Calvin,-,Cre,Blend,Lightweight,Klein,/Athabascan1591531.html,$24,Men’s, $24 Calvin Klein Men’s Socks - Cotton Blend Lightweight Mid-Calf Cre Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $24 Calvin Klein Men’s Socks - Cotton Blend Lightweight Mid-Calf Cre Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

Direct sale of manufacturer Calvin Klein Men’s Socks Ranking TOP1 - Blend Mid-Calf Lightweight Cre Cotton

Calvin Klein Men’s Socks - Cotton Blend Lightweight Mid-Calf Cre


Calvin Klein Men’s Socks - Cotton Blend Lightweight Mid-Calf Cre

Product description

Calvin Klein Socks - Cotton Blend Lightweight Mid-Calf Athletic Crew Socks are designed to move and stretch with you. The thick comfortable sole delivers strength and enhanced durability for longer sock life. Great for wearing with sneakers and running shoes.

  • Lightweight - Ventilation-friendly combed cotton fiber optimizes the airflow around your feet. Ideal for sports, school, and everyday use.
  • Athletic Features like a tall cuff that stays put and padded support for full cushion comfort let you stay on top of your game.
  • Easy Matching for quick dressing in the morning or changing after practice.
  • Economical multipack gives you eight pairs of socks for one low price so you can cut down on expense and still get excellent footwear.
  • Easy to Clean - Simple to machine wash and dry; Please Reference the Variations for all Available Sizes and Colors.

Calvin Klein Offers Premium Clothing at Affordable Prices because we value every customer that visits our listings! Stop by Our Storefront to See the Rest of Our Great Deals; we’re confident you’re going to find items that anyone who needs a gift will absolutely love and adore!

Calvin Klein Men’s Socks - Cotton Blend Lightweight Mid-Calf Cre

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