$23 Q19 Staples 15 Gauge 7/16" Crown 1 3/4" Length for Senco SQS55 Industrial Scientific Fasteners Q19 Staples 15 Gauge 7 16" Crown SQS55 Senco shop 4" for Length 1 3 7/16",Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,for,Length,Gauge,SQS55,www.felix-nordhausen.de,Crown,15,$23,Senco,/Athabascan169131.html,Staples,1,Q19,3/4" Q19 Staples 15 Gauge 7 16" Crown SQS55 Senco shop 4" for Length 1 3 7/16",Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,for,Length,Gauge,SQS55,www.felix-nordhausen.de,Crown,15,$23,Senco,/Athabascan169131.html,Staples,1,Q19,3/4" $23 Q19 Staples 15 Gauge 7/16" Crown 1 3/4" Length for Senco SQS55 Industrial Scientific Fasteners

Q19 Clearance SALE! Limited time! Staples 15 Gauge 7 16

Q19 Staples 15 Gauge 7/16" Crown 1 3/4" Length for Senco SQS55


Q19 Staples 15 Gauge 7/16" Crown 1 3/4" Length for Senco SQS55

Product description

Electro Galvanized
15 Gauge
7/16" Crown
1 3/4" Length
5,000 Staples
Works in the following tool models
Senco SQS55XP, M3, SQS55
Spotnails MS6564
DuoFast MS-1580
21f Q-44 5m
If you have any questions or doubts about what your tool requires, please contact us.
We are Happy to Help our Customers!

Q19 Staples 15 Gauge 7/16" Crown 1 3/4" Length for Senco SQS55

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