$32 YoungRC SCX10 Transmission Gearbox Case Full Metal Assembled wit Remote App Controlled Vehicle Power Plant Driveline Systems $32 YoungRC SCX10 Transmission Gearbox Case Full Metal Assembled wit Remote App Controlled Vehicle Power Plant Driveline Systems Transmission,YoungRC,Remote App Controlled Vehicle , Power Plant Driveline Systems,SCX10,/anhungry1826937.html,Case,wit,Metal,www.felix-nordhausen.de,Gearbox,Assembled,Full,$32 Transmission,YoungRC,Remote App Controlled Vehicle , Power Plant Driveline Systems,SCX10,/anhungry1826937.html,Case,wit,Metal,www.felix-nordhausen.de,Gearbox,Assembled,Full,$32 YoungRC SCX10 Transmission Gearbox Case Overseas parallel import regular item Assembled Metal Full wit YoungRC SCX10 Transmission Gearbox Case Overseas parallel import regular item Assembled Metal Full wit

Some reservation YoungRC SCX10 Transmission Gearbox Case Overseas parallel import regular item Assembled Metal Full wit

YoungRC SCX10 Transmission Gearbox Case Full Metal Assembled wit


YoungRC SCX10 Transmission Gearbox Case Full Metal Assembled wit

Product description

Item name: metal gearbox
Suit for: 1/10 rc crawler car Axial SCX10
Material: aluminum alloy
Color: red amp; titanium
Quantity: 1pcs
Weight: 250g

Please Note:
1. Please allow a little color difference.
2. Any problem, please be free contact with us.

Package List:
1 * Gearbox with HD steel gear set

YoungRC SCX10 Transmission Gearbox Case Full Metal Assembled wit


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