$28 AMIDA Grey Runner Rug Non Skid Washable for Hallway and Kitchen Home Kitchen Home Décor Products AMIDA Grey Runner Rug Non Skid and for Washable Special price Kitchen Hallway Runner,$28,Washable,for,Skid,www.felix-nordhausen.de,/archrogue169419.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Kitchen,Non,AMIDA,Grey,Hallway,and,Rug Runner,$28,Washable,for,Skid,www.felix-nordhausen.de,/archrogue169419.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Kitchen,Non,AMIDA,Grey,Hallway,and,Rug AMIDA Grey Runner Rug Non Skid and for Washable Special price Kitchen Hallway $28 AMIDA Grey Runner Rug Non Skid Washable for Hallway and Kitchen Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

AMIDA Grey Runner Rug Mail order Non Skid and for Washable Special price Kitchen Hallway

AMIDA Grey Runner Rug Non Skid Washable for Hallway and Kitchen


AMIDA Grey Runner Rug Non Skid Washable for Hallway and Kitchen

Product description

HAND AND MACHINE WASHABLE with common neutral detergent or soap,save your care cost and precious time ANTI-SLIP: Non woven backing with plastic dots provides extra non skid property for the 9ft hallway runner and keeps moisture away EASY-TO-CLEAN and STAIN RESISTANT: non-shedding,as the washable rug runner is without piles,so dust, debris, hairs, etc. are not easy to hide inside,dog friendly FADE AND WEAR RESISTANT: colors do not fade ,and the non skid runner is much durable due to the special sturdy structure Note: folding delivery for conveniently transport. If you get the mat with fold, please put it on the floor about 3-5 hours, fold will disappear. Feel free to buy it.

AMIDA Grey Runner Rug Non Skid Washable for Hallway and Kitchen

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