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Needzo Animated Skeleton Fortune Halloween Hanging price Max 78% OFF Decora Teller

Needzo Animated Skeleton Fortune Teller Hanging Halloween Decora


Needzo Animated Skeleton Fortune Teller Hanging Halloween Decora

Product description

Perfect Halloween Haunted House prop! Skeleton figurine is made with high-quality plastic and fabric. 27 inches long. This creepy skeleton is here to read your fortune! With a plastic crystal ball and red light-up eyes, this is sure to spook your friends this Halloween. Hang the fortune teller booth on doors, from the ceiling or outside. Great Halloween prop for trick or treat night, costume parties, haunted houses, classroom props and more. Skeleton gypsy with crystal ball decoration is the perfect mix of fun and creepy.

Needzo Animated Skeleton Fortune Teller Hanging Halloween Decora

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