Soft,Thicken,Pillows,Floor,Yoga,,Home Kitchen , Bedding,x,Cushions,22",,$25,Square,/batlan1826897.html,Seat,22" Square Floor Seat Pillows Max 66% OFF Cushions Thicken Soft x 22" Yoga $25 Square Floor Seat Pillows Cushions 22" x 22", Soft Thicken Yoga Home Kitchen Bedding Square Floor Seat Pillows Max 66% OFF Cushions Thicken Soft x 22" Yoga $25 Square Floor Seat Pillows Cushions 22" x 22", Soft Thicken Yoga Home Kitchen Bedding Soft,Thicken,Pillows,Floor,Yoga,,Home Kitchen , Bedding,x,Cushions,22",,$25,Square,/batlan1826897.html,Seat,22"

Square Floor Seat Pillows Max 66% OFF Cushions Thicken Soft Manufacturer direct delivery x 22

Square Floor Seat Pillows Cushions 22" x 22", Soft Thicken Yoga


Square Floor Seat Pillows Cushions 22" x 22", Soft Thicken Yoga

Product description

Color:Rose Red

Eager to entertain but short on seating? Ready to turn your living room into your child's favorite play space?

Make your floor a cozy space as part of the decor in a comfy, casual room with these options! Sexysamba floor pillow cushion is the perfect piece to have on hand! Measuring 22" square, covered with Tufted Corduroy fabric and filled with pp cotton fiber to provide 4" of padding. Tufted details dot this design for a touch of texture. Though its solid hue may seem understated at first, this pillow also offers subtle sheen. Just spot clean as needed for easy care.

Type - Floor Pillow Cushion.
Material - Tufted Corduroy with pp cotton fiber filling.
Size - Approx 22 in x 22 in x 4 in.
Color - Grey, Turquoise, Green, Dark Grey, Wine Red, Rose Red, Khaki, Coffee.
Care - Spot clean.

Package Content - Squared Floor Pillow Cushion x 1.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - Floor pillow cushions shipped vacuum sealed, so its looks very thin at first glance, but it will turn plumped and soft, and returns to its original shape quickly after being laid on sunlight few hours.

Shop with confidence! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Customer Services, easy return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Square Floor Seat Pillows Cushions 22" x 22", Soft Thicken Yoga

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Minx + Muse

Minx + Muse is a fiercely feminine playhouse that cultivates self-discovery and empowerment through esoerotic