$30 3 Tier Rolling Foldable Utility Cart with Handle and Roller Whee Office Products Office Furniture Lighting Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,Tier,Utility,Roller,Whee,www.felix-nordhausen.de,$30,and,Foldable,with,3,Cart,Handle,/campanulate1591749.html,Rolling Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,Tier,Utility,Roller,Whee,www.felix-nordhausen.de,$30,and,Foldable,with,3,Cart,Handle,/campanulate1591749.html,Rolling 3 Tier 67% OFF of fixed price Rolling Foldable Utility Cart Whee Roller and with Handle 3 Tier 67% OFF of fixed price Rolling Foldable Utility Cart Whee Roller and with Handle $30 3 Tier Rolling Foldable Utility Cart with Handle and Roller Whee Office Products Office Furniture Lighting

3 Arlington Mall Tier 67% OFF of fixed price Rolling Foldable Utility Cart Whee Roller and with Handle

3 Tier Rolling Foldable Utility Cart with Handle and Roller Whee


3 Tier Rolling Foldable Utility Cart with Handle and Roller Whee

Product Description

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XNR-666-W XNR-666-B XNR-667-B XNR-667-W XNR-668-W
Colour Black White Black White White
Size 29.5*16.9*12.6 inchABS Basket +Metal 29.5*16.9*12.6 inch 35.2*17.3*11.8 inch 35.2*17.3*11.8 inch 35.2*17.3*11.8 inch
Material ABS Basket +Metal ABS Basket +Metal Metal Metal ABS Basket +Metal
Installation Assemble Assemble Foldable Foldable Foldable

3 Tier Rolling Foldable Utility Cart with Handle and Roller Whee

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