kit/seal,$45,kit,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,seals,cylinder,hydraulic,,/campanulate169249.html,rebuild,Pearson,Ben,pacoma Super special price Ben Pearson cylinder rebuild kit seal seals hydraulic pacoma $45 Ben Pearson cylinder rebuild kit/seal kit hydraulic seals pacoma Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Super special price Ben Pearson cylinder rebuild kit seal seals hydraulic pacoma $45 Ben Pearson cylinder rebuild kit/seal kit hydraulic seals pacoma Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools kit/seal,$45,kit,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,seals,cylinder,hydraulic,,/campanulate169249.html,rebuild,Pearson,Ben,pacoma

Super special price Ben Pearson cylinder rebuild kit seal seals hydraulic Luxury pacoma

Ben Pearson cylinder rebuild kit/seal kit hydraulic seals pacoma


Ben Pearson cylinder rebuild kit/seal kit hydraulic seals pacoma

Product description

Ben Pearson cylinder rebuild kit / seal kit hydraulic seals pacoma 91586 95128 This is 1 seal kit for the hydraulic cylinders found in Many Ben pearson 2 post lifts. It meets or exceeds factory specs. It fits lifts with capacity between 9000 amp;12000 pounds. This kit rebuilds PACOMA cylinders that BEN PEARSON used through many years of production. If your lift has a PACOMA cylinder in it, it will be approximately 72" tall with a small bleeder screw at the top. This cylinder has a HEX STYLE BLEEDER SCREW in the top of it. Typically stamped on the cylinder there will be the word "PACOMA and either the numbers "91586" or "95128". If you have your cylinder apart already, compare your piston seal with the one pictured to the left. Pacoma cylinders have distinctive blue ribbed 2 piece seal on the piston with a black inner seal that goes inside the blue seal (note if seals have been in Hydraulic fluid for a long time they may be a different color).

Ben Pearson cylinder rebuild kit/seal kit hydraulic seals pacoma

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