HotStyle DISA 14" Work Backpack Women San Antonio Mall for Style Doctor-bag Book,Women,,for,DISA,Work,Doctor-bag,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Luggage Travel Gear,HotStyle,/cradler1481407.html,Style,Book,14",$28,Backpack $28 HotStyle DISA 14" Work Backpack for Women, Doctor-bag Style Book Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Luggage Travel Gear $28 HotStyle DISA 14" Work Backpack for Women, Doctor-bag Style Book Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Luggage Travel Gear,Women,,for,DISA,Work,Doctor-bag,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Luggage Travel Gear,HotStyle,/cradler1481407.html,Style,Book,14",$28,Backpack HotStyle DISA 14" Work Backpack Women San Antonio Mall for Style Doctor-bag Book

HotStyle DISA 14

HotStyle DISA 14" Work Backpack for Women, Doctor-bag Style Book


HotStyle DISA 14" Work Backpack for Women, Doctor-bag Style Book

Product description

Color:D239n, Dark Byzantium

Get the Right Size Backpack for Every Day

Tired of the bulky laptop backpack that looks over-packed and nerdy?

Just Level up to this DISA Tote Backpack, Perfect for work. school, college, travel, gym, hiking, camping, commuting, weekender, day trips, and more. At 15" H x 10.4" W x 6.5" deep, holds up to 13lbs. (17 liters). This well-made daypack provides plenty of space for all your essential supplies without looking bulky. With different pockets of all sizes that useful and convenient, making stuff perfectly organized. Water-resistant that helps during rainy walks. Plus, it's simply sleek to fit any wardrobe.

Replacing your Huge Backpack
Easily fits a 14-inch laptop, planner, 5 subject notebooks, 1.5-inch binders, headphones, large wallet, computer charger, and extra room for folders and clothes... Yes, it holds all of this!

Easily Repels Rain and Snow
Rucksack with the water-resistant surface that withstood rain and snow. Your work or school supplies won't get wet and will be protected regardless of the weather.

Lightweight amp; Comfortably Cushioned
The straps and back panel are comfortable and have enough padded to protect your shoulders when you are carrying heavy objects for the walk through the city into work.

More Pockets for More Beneficially.
Specially featuring a zip pocket on the back that can fit your phone, money, cards. Super convenient if you have something valuable, someone can't unzip your backpack and steal it.

Clean, Stylish and Simple for Urban Adventure
Convertible design for toting or backpacking. It's available in chic colors to suit everyone's style.

All in all, the DISA backpack is perfect for a busy lady navigating a busy life and city.


HotStyle DISA 14" Work Backpack for Women, Doctor-bag Style Book

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