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14k White Or Yellow Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver 1/4 Ct Tw Cub


14k White Or Yellow Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver 1/4 Ct Tw Cub

Product description

Founded in 2010 in India, celebrityinspiredjewelry has been fortunate to have been among many happily ever afters. We understand the gravity of our role in making your special moments the highlights of every stage of your love story. We are family owned and operated, and with that, our personalized communication, attention to detail, and unrivalled expertise is what sets us apart. We pride ourselves on being an elegant one-stop shop for bridal and fashion jewelry. Our artisans work tirelessly to create a diverse catalog of items perfect for any occasion. celebrityinspiredjewelry sets the stage for love, as we realize that love is eternal. We appoint it our duty and personal pledge to preserve high quality standards and fabricate our collection as a symbol of the eternal bond of love." CUSTOMIZED YOUR JEWELRY Your Design ... Our Craftsmanship...! You can create custom jewelry that's as unique as the one who wears it. Just bring us your idea, then work with our Jewelry Consultant to create your very own custom jewelry design. Using exclusive technology and your inspiration, our experts will bring your masterpiece to life!

14k White Or Yellow Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver 1/4 Ct Tw Cub

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