$471 7 in 1 Body Massage Shaping Machine, Face Body Skin Care, Weight Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Care,,Machine,,$471,Shaping,Body,Massage,Weight,/fulgurating1826721.html,Skin,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Body,1,Face,in,www.felix-nordhausen.de,7 New York Mall 7 in 1 Body Massage Shaping Skin Face Machine Care Weight New York Mall 7 in 1 Body Massage Shaping Skin Face Machine Care Weight Care,,Machine,,$471,Shaping,Body,Massage,Weight,/fulgurating1826721.html,Skin,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Body,1,Face,in,www.felix-nordhausen.de,7 $471 7 in 1 Body Massage Shaping Machine, Face Body Skin Care, Weight Beauty Personal Care Skin Care

New York Mall 7 in 1 Body Massage Shaping Skin Face Machine Care Weight Clearance SALE! Limited time!

7 in 1 Body Massage Shaping Machine, Face Body Skin Care, Weight


7 in 1 Body Massage Shaping Machine, Face Body Skin Care, Weight

Product description

◀Package Included:
1* Main Machine.
8* Handel.
1* English Instruction.

Spread gel or essence on the treated positions for hairdressing evenly In use, start with low-energy.
We suggest to try for the proper energy level on the back of clients' hands before using on body of them.
Do not use essential oil as the medium.
In operation, start pulling only after negative pressure head is attached to skin.
Turn off the instrument probe when it is not in use.

7 in 1 Body Massage Shaping Machine, Face Body Skin Care, Weight

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