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Rocks Off Naughty-boy Double P Black Massager Discount mail order 67% OFF of fixed price Silicone Spot

Rocks Off Naughty-boy Double P Spot Silicone Massager, Black


Rocks Off Naughty-boy Double P Spot Silicone Massager, Black

Product description

Ready for some action? Grab the Rocks Off Naughty-boy P-spot Silicone Massager for double action. This naughty boy stimulator is perfect for prostrate amp; perineum stimulation. It provides thrilling massages by using a RO-80MM Power Bullet. For its unique design and hypoallergenic make, this P-spot massager becomes great and easy-to-use for beginners too.

Rocks Off Naughty-boy Double P Spot Silicone Massager, Black

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