Radio Speaker It is very popular Mic Earhugger Compatible with Harris EH-SM-1017 Radio Speaker It is very popular Mic Earhugger Compatible with Harris EH-SM-1017 Harris,$39,Earhugger,Speaker,Radio,/immortable1481457.html,,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,Mic,,EH-SM-1017,,Compatible,with $39 Radio Speaker Mic, Earhugger EH-SM-1017, Compatible with Harris Electronics Portable Audio Video Harris,$39,Earhugger,Speaker,Radio,/immortable1481457.html,,Electronics , Portable Audio Video,Mic,,EH-SM-1017,,Compatible,with $39 Radio Speaker Mic, Earhugger EH-SM-1017, Compatible with Harris Electronics Portable Audio Video

Radio Speaker It is very popular Mic In a popularity Earhugger Compatible with Harris EH-SM-1017

Radio Speaker Mic, Earhugger EH-SM-1017, Compatible with Harris


Radio Speaker Mic, Earhugger EH-SM-1017, Compatible with Harris

Product description

Earhugger EH-SM-1017. Compatible with Harris XG-100, XG-100P, XL-185, XL-185P, XL-185Pi, XL-200, XL-200P, and XL-200Pi, by Earhugger Safety Products. The Earhugger speaker mic has a premium extended range speaker that you can hear loud and clear, even in noisy areas. Transmit clearly the first time, with the EH-SM-1017’s high quality omni-directional microphone. Large durable PTT (Push-To-Talk) button located on the side of the microphone. Equipped with a 3.5mm gold plated earpiece jack and radio connector for enhanced and private transmissions. Place your rugged remote speaker mic on your chest, shoulder, or over the shoulder. The EH-SM-1017 RSM (Remote Speaker Microphone) has two heavy-duty strain reliefs and a field replaceable cable. Ideal for patrol, security, construction, and military. Includes a heavy duty clothing clip, lapel strap, and 1 Year Earhugger Safety Products Warranty. Compatible with Harris XG-100P and XL-200P two way radios.

Radio Speaker Mic, Earhugger EH-SM-1017, Compatible with Harris

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