Techni Mobili Floating Modern Office Complete Wo Computer Desk 4 years warranty Techni Mobili Floating Modern Office Complete Wo Computer Desk 4 years warranty Complete,Techni,,/immortable1591557.html,Modern,Office,Computer,Floating,Mobili,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Wo,$141,Desk $141 Techni Mobili Floating Modern Office Desk Complete Computer Wo Home Kitchen Furniture Complete,Techni,,/immortable1591557.html,Modern,Office,Computer,Floating,Mobili,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Wo,$141,Desk $141 Techni Mobili Floating Modern Office Desk Complete Computer Wo Home Kitchen Furniture

Techni Mobili Floating Modern Max 86% OFF Office Complete Wo Computer Desk 4 years warranty

Techni Mobili Floating Modern Office Desk Complete Computer Wo


Techni Mobili Floating Modern Office Desk Complete Computer Wo

From the manufacturer


The Techni Mobili Dual Complete Computer Workstation Desk includes an elevated accessory shelf, slide-out keyboard and accessory shelves.

Accessory shelf, slide-out keyboard and accessory shelves—both equipped with safety stops, 2 storage drawers, and an open CPU compartment with a shelf that can be moved up, down or completely removed. The elevated desktop provides additional storage above the pedestals. The slide-out accessory shelf and CPU compartment each have rear cable openings. The desktop has an 80 lbs. weight capacity, while the shelves can each hold up to 30 lbs., and the drawers each have a 22 lbs. weight capacity. This amazing multi-functional desk is made with MDF panels in grey color, with a moisture laminate veneer. It's stylish frames are made of scratch-resistant powder-coated steel, adding elegance to it's fine design. Color: Grey

Techni Mobili Floating Modern Office Desk Complete Computer Wo

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