12x1.25mm THREADED NO adapters 5 Philadelphia Mall speed H in Type-S Type-R Real H,www.felix-nordhausen.de,$28,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Type-S,12x1.25mm,in,5,adapters),Real,Type-R,speed,/immortable169557.html,THREADED,(NO H,www.felix-nordhausen.de,$28,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Type-S,12x1.25mm,in,5,adapters),Real,Type-R,speed,/immortable169557.html,THREADED,(NO $28 12x1.25mm THREADED (NO adapters) 5 speed Type-R Type-S in Real H Automotive Replacement Parts $28 12x1.25mm THREADED (NO adapters) 5 speed Type-R Type-S in Real H Automotive Replacement Parts 12x1.25mm THREADED NO adapters 5 Philadelphia Mall speed H in Type-S Type-R Real

12x1.25mm THREADED NO adapters 5 Philadelphia Mall speed H Large special price !! in Type-S Type-R Real

12x1.25mm THREADED (NO adapters) 5 speed Type-R Type-S in Real H


12x1.25mm THREADED (NO adapters) 5 speed Type-R Type-S in Real H

Product description

This is a THREADED Shift Knob! It is NOT a cheap knob that comes with adapters that you see all over the Internet. Those can wobble and come off of your shift rod at any unfortunate time. This is the real deal. A Car Manufacturer does NOT sell you a car with a shift knob that is secured by an unreliable set of universal adapters. Why should you settle? Empire Racing Parts will ONLY sell you TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS at affordable prices. This is a Brand New, Never used or Installed, VMS Racing Type-R Style 5 Speed REAL Hand-Laid Carbon Fiber Screw-in Shift Knob. VMS Racing Shift Knobs are threaded to Manufacturer Standards and tolerance for Easy Installation. There is NO need for drilling or tapping. All Shift Knobs come with their own unique locking nut for purposes of perfect alignment. The locking nut is threaded first into the shifter. The Shift knob is then threaded into the shifter. If the shift knob is not aligned properly after fully threaded, the locking nut is raised up until the numbers align at the desired position and then tightened against each other. VMS Racing Shift Knobs are manufactured from ONE solid piece of Aircraft-Quality, T-6061 Billet Aluminum that is Precision-Machined for a firm, reliable feel against your palm that results into positive shifting. The Carbon Fiber is then Hand-Laid and a glossy finish is applied for a long-lasting protection and comfortable feel against your palm. All this to ensure a long lasting finish that will provide years of trouble-free reliability. These are special processes that are used by most major OEM manufacturers. VMS Racing Shift Knob is made to Work on Manual Transmission Vehicles ONLY.

12x1.25mm THREADED (NO adapters) 5 speed Type-R Type-S in Real H

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