$196 Taidda Ducted Fan Motor, Durable Lightweight JP 90mm 12-Blades D Remote App Controlled Vehicles Remote App Controlled Vehicle Taidda Ducted Fan Motor San Francisco Mall Durable Lightweight 90mm 12-Blades JP D Ducted,Motor,,$196,www.felix-nordhausen.de,JP,90mm,Remote App Controlled Vehicles , Remote App Controlled Vehicle,Durable,/indecomponible1825122.html,D,12-Blades,Fan,Lightweight,Taidda $196 Taidda Ducted Fan Motor, Durable Lightweight JP 90mm 12-Blades D Remote App Controlled Vehicles Remote App Controlled Vehicle Ducted,Motor,,$196,www.felix-nordhausen.de,JP,90mm,Remote App Controlled Vehicles , Remote App Controlled Vehicle,Durable,/indecomponible1825122.html,D,12-Blades,Fan,Lightweight,Taidda Taidda Ducted Fan Motor San Francisco Mall Durable Lightweight 90mm 12-Blades JP D

Taidda Ducted Fan Motor San Francisco Mall Durable Lightweight 90mm Directly managed store 12-Blades JP D

Taidda Ducted Fan Motor, Durable Lightweight JP 90mm 12-Blades D


Taidda Ducted Fan Motor, Durable Lightweight JP 90mm 12-Blades D

Product description


Condition: 100% Brand New
Length (Mm): 74.12Mm (Without Motor / Cone)
Edf Diameter Class (Mm): 90
Edf Outside Diameter (Mm):94.5 Mm
Edf Inner Diameter (Mm): 90.5 Mm
Rotor Diameter (Mm): 90 Mm
Stators: 8
Motor Type: Outrunner
Blades: 12
Working Voltage (Volts/Lipo Cells):22.2V / 6S
Turns/Min/Volt (Kv):1750 Kv
Motor Diameter (Mm):42.65 Mm
Shaft Diameter (Mm):5
Connection: Pk 5Mm
Optional Type: 6S, 8S, 12S

Package List:
1 * Jp 90Mm Ducted Fan
1 * Bag Of Accessory

1. Do Not Grasp Ducted Fan By Hand For Testing, It Must Be Fixed On The Test Rack.
2. It Is Suggested To Remove The Motor Flowing Guide Cover To Help Heat Dissipation And Prolong The Service Life Of The Motor.
2. Compatibility Problems May Occur In Different Esc And Jp Ducted Fan Matching. Please Pay Attention To Whether The Ducted Fan Runs Smoothly When Using It.
3. Set The Electrical Parameters To Try Again, If The Esc Can Not Solve The Problem, Only To Change Another Esc.
3. It Is Recommended To Purchase Jp Brand Or Other Brand Esc.
4. Esc Setting: Setting The Entry Angle Below 15° (Low Entry Angle).
5. During Use, The Ducted Fan Needs To Be Checked Frequently.

Taidda Ducted Fan Motor, Durable Lightweight JP 90mm 12-Blades D

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