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LD Systems Curv 500 Portable LDCURV50 Under blast sales PS-Power Sales for sale Set System Array

LD Systems Curv 500 Portable Array System PS-Power Set (LDCURV50


LD Systems Curv 500 Portable Array System PS-Power Set (LDCURV50

From the manufacturer

CURV 500 ES CURV 500 PES (Extension) CURV 500 AVS CURV 500 PS
Rated System Power (RMS) 460 W 460 W 380 W 920 W
Max SPL (Peak) 128 dB 128 dB 122 dB 134 dB
Number of Satellites 4 4 2 8
Number of Smartlink Adapters 1 1 2 2
Dispersion (H x V) 110° horizontal, 15° vertical per satellite 110° horizontal, 15° vertical per satellite 110° horizontal, 15° vertical per satellite 110° horizontal, 15° vertical per satellite
Bluetooth Compatible
Available In White
Type Portable System Entertainer Set Including Distance Bar amp; Speaker Cable Portable System Power Extention Set Including Distance Bar amp; Speaker Cable Portable System AV Set Including Speaker/Phoenix Cables Portable System Power Set Including Distance Bars amp; Speaker Cables

LD Systems Curv 500 Portable Array System PS-Power Set (LDCURV50

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