$46 Huggies Little Snugglers Size 2 Giant Pack, 140 Count Baby Products Diapering Huggies Little Snugglers Size 2 Giant All items in the store 140 Pack Count Count,Little,Snugglers,Pack,,www.felix-nordhausen.de,Size,2,Giant,Huggies,140,$46,/infraction1827060.html,Baby Products , Diapering Huggies Little Snugglers Size 2 Giant All items in the store 140 Pack Count $46 Huggies Little Snugglers Size 2 Giant Pack, 140 Count Baby Products Diapering Count,Little,Snugglers,Pack,,www.felix-nordhausen.de,Size,2,Giant,Huggies,140,$46,/infraction1827060.html,Baby Products , Diapering

Huggies Little Credence Snugglers Size 2 Giant All items in the store 140 Pack Count

Huggies Little Snugglers Size 2 Giant Pack, 140 Count


Huggies Little Snugglers Size 2 Giant Pack, 140 Count

Product description

Product Description

Get gentle care with the proven leakage protection of the HUGGIES leak lock system. Plus, HUGGIES little snugglers diapers are more absorbent than pampers swaddlers with dry max.


New babies need the most gentle care possible. That's especially true with what touches them most - their diapers. Designed with babies in mind, HUGGIES Little Snugglers Diapers offer gentle comfort with exceptional leakage protection and design features including a soft, breathable outer cover, a flexible, quilted inner pad, and a contoured fit. Each diaper features HUGGIES Leak Lock protection with multiple layers that quickly absorb wetness, along with a pocketed waistband for preventing moisture from leaking out the back. The Preemie and Newborn sizes feature cutouts in front specifically for protecting umbilical cord sites, as well as wetness indicators that change colors, so parents have a cue to know when their baby needs to be changed.

Gentle Protection for Your Baby
HUGGIES Snug amp; Dry Diapers Product Shot

View larger.

HUGGIES Snug amp; Dry Diapers Product Shot

View larger.

Leak Lock Protection with Quilted Inner Pad Absorbs Moisture

Each HUGGIES Little Snugglers Diaper delivers softness and comfort with Leak Lock Protection to wick away moisture and features a quilted inner pad made of multiple super-absorbent layers. The soft, flexible pad is comfortable for sensitive young skin and can twist with your baby's movements. A long-lasting core helps lock in wetness, so your baby stays dry and content. Plus, the soft, breathable outer cover helps breathability and provides added comfort.

SnugFit Waistband for a Gentle Fit

For a secure, custom fit around your child, HUGGIES diapers feature a SnugFit waistband you won't find in any other diaper. The SnugFit waistband stretches to accommodate any waist size, helping keep the diaper in place.

Shaped to Fit the Smallest of Babies

Ranging from Preemie size all the way up to 18 pounds, each HUGGIES Little Snugglers diaper is shaped to fit around your babies tiny legs--even when they are still curled up while sleeping and snuggling. The Preemie and Newborn sizes feature a front cutout that fits around belly buttons, protecting sensitive umbilical sites while they heal.

Wetness Indicator Changes Color

HUGGIES Little Snugglers diapers feature a wetness indicator located on the outside of the diaper to provide parents with a cue to when their baby's diaper may need to be changed. The indicator changes color when wet, so you can quickly change your baby's diaper and prevent fussiness and discomfort.

Did You Know?
Adorable Winnie the Pooh Graphics

Little Snugglers Diapers offer lovable designs featuring sweet, colorful graphics of Winnie the Pooh Disney characters. The familiar pals add a fun touch to every diaper, especially for those spontaneous photo-op moments, and they keep your baby entertained during changing time.

HUGGIES Wipes Keep Your Baby Clean From Top to Bottom

And whether you're a mom, a dad, or a caregiver, you know that no diaper change is complete without a clean bottom. From the improved thickness and texture of the HUGGIES One amp; Done Wipes to HUGGIES Natural Care Wipes for sensitive skin (each sold separately), HUGGIES offers a variety of soft, high-performance wipes to fit your needs.

HUGGIES Reward Points

Each package of Little Snugglers diapers includes HUGGIES reward points that are redeemable at the company Web site for HUGGIES coupons, toys and games, sweepstakes, and more.

About HUGGIES: Products that Perform

A trusted brand, HUGGIES delivers durable products that parents and caregivers have come to rely on for baby care. From diapers and training pants to a variety of wipes, HUGGIES products offer value, quality, and fun. HUGGIES is committed to helping families in need, as evidenced by being the founding sponsor of the National Diaper Network, which donates millions of diapers across the US and Canada.

What's in the Box

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers.

*Preemie or newborn only.
**All sizes P, N, 1, and 2.

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Little Snugglers
At a Glance:
  1. Shaped to fit new babies: Specially shaped to gently fit little legs, even before they've uncurled.
  2. Shaped for little belly buttons:Umbilical cord cut-out protects belly buttons as they heal.*
  3. Contoured shape: Breathable outer cover is made to be especially gentle for your new baby.
  4. The wetness indicator: The wetness indicator: Changes color to let you know when the diaper is wet.**
  5. Keep runny messes in: Flexible, pocketed back waistband is snug enough to help keep messes inside.
  6. Flexible quilting inside: Pad is quilted to be soft, flexible, and absorbent, keep baby dry and comfy.
Product Tour

HUGGIES wipes are thick and textured with a gentle touch to keep your baby clean from top to bottom

Natural Care

Natural Care

One and Done Refreshing

One and Done Refreshing

One and Done

One and Done

Simply Clean

Simply Clean

Soft Skin

Soft Skin

Sensitive Baby

Sensitive Baby

Huggies: Keep Your Little Ones Dry as They Grow
New Baby Active Baby Toddlers amp; Youths
Little Snugglers
Gentle protection for your new baby
Little Movers
Diapers shaped to fit your active baby
Pull-Ups Learning Designs
Patterns fade when wet to help your child stay dry
Pure amp; Natural
Organic cotton, hypoallergenic, with aloe and vitamin A
Little Movers Slip-Ons
Got a squirmy baby? Try a new, easy way to change
Pull-Ups Cool Alert
Cools when wet to help your youngster learn to stay dry
Snug amp; Dry
All-around stretch for excellent leakage protection
Snug amp; Dry
All-around stretch for excellent leakage protection
Pull-Ups Night*Time
Maximum absorbency for dryness all night

Huggies Little Snugglers Size 2 Giant Pack, 140 Count

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