Mandarin/Lavender/Cedar,Pillow,/intemporal1825191.html,Mist,No,Bruket,,$35,ml,200,50,L:A,|,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care L:A Bruket No 200 Pillow Over item handling Mist ml Mandarin 50 Cedar Lavender $35 L:A Bruket No 200 Pillow Mist 50 ml | Mandarin/Lavender/Cedar Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Mandarin/Lavender/Cedar,Pillow,/intemporal1825191.html,Mist,No,Bruket,,$35,ml,200,50,L:A,|,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care $35 L:A Bruket No 200 Pillow Mist 50 ml | Mandarin/Lavender/Cedar Beauty Personal Care Skin Care L:A Bruket No 200 Pillow Over item handling Mist ml Mandarin 50 Cedar Lavender

L:A Bruket No 200 Pillow Over item handling Mist ml Max 75% OFF Mandarin 50 Cedar Lavender

L:A Bruket No 200 Pillow Mist 50 ml | Mandarin/Lavender/Cedar


L:A Bruket No 200 Pillow Mist 50 ml | Mandarin/Lavender/Cedar

Product description

Natural L:A Bruket No 200 Pillow Mist with essential oil to calm the mind and prepare for a good nights sleep. This pillow mist contains essential oil of mandarin, lavender and cedarwood that has calming, soothing and relaxing properties. Effectively counteracts insomnia related to stress. 100% Organic and natural ingredients.


  • Size: 50 ml
  • Active Scent: A lightly sweet, woody and herbal scent
  • How to use: Spray a few times on pillow case and sheets at bedtime

L:A Bruket No 200 Pillow Mist 50 ml | Mandarin/Lavender/Cedar


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