www.felix-nordhausen.de,II,Treble,$101,Rhythms,4-Note,Drum,African,Tongue,/intemporal1826691.html,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion $101 African Rhythms 4-Note Treble II Tongue Drum Musical Instruments Drums Percussion African Rhythms 4-Note Treble Tongue II Brand new Drum African Rhythms 4-Note Treble Tongue II Brand new Drum $101 African Rhythms 4-Note Treble II Tongue Drum Musical Instruments Drums Percussion www.felix-nordhausen.de,II,Treble,$101,Rhythms,4-Note,Drum,African,Tongue,/intemporal1826691.html,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion

African Rhythms 4-Note Treble Tongue II Brand new Max 78% OFF Drum

African Rhythms 4-Note Treble II Tongue Drum


African Rhythms 4-Note Treble II Tongue Drum

Product description

Inspired by the rhythms and harmonies of African music, this drum brings a new sound to mallet percussion. The solid oak drumface produces a warm, woody tone. Sturdy, with a pleasing sound. The special tuning makes this drum blend wonderfully with other African Rhythms tongue drums for ensemble playing.

African Rhythms 4-Note Treble II Tongue Drum


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