$49 Nela Premium SuperFLEX Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel 14" x 4. Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Nela specialty shop Premium SuperFLEX Stainless Steel Finishing 14" x 4. Trowel $49 Nela Premium SuperFLEX Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel 14" x 4. Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Nela specialty shop Premium SuperFLEX Stainless Steel Finishing 14" x 4. Trowel Premium,4.,Nela,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$49,x,/kyphosis169271.html,Stainless,Finishing,www.felix-nordhausen.de,Trowel,SuperFLEX,Steel,14" Premium,4.,Nela,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,$49,x,/kyphosis169271.html,Stainless,Finishing,www.felix-nordhausen.de,Trowel,SuperFLEX,Steel,14"

Nela specialty shop Premium SuperFLEX Stainless Superior Steel Finishing 14

Nela Premium SuperFLEX Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel 14" x 4.


Nela Premium SuperFLEX Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel 14" x 4.

Product description

NELA Premium SuperFLEX 14" X 4.3" Finishing Trowel is extra light, extra strong and extra durable. Versatile double-blade technology with slightly rounded edges is perfect for burr-free filling and finishing. NELA Premium SuperFLEX trowel features a classic ergonomic wood grip for durability, comfort and performance. Blade is made from stainless steel for more flexibility and durability. Ultra-lightweight aluminum mounting is made from a robust special alloy for ultra-high stability and easy handling. High-strength bond between both blades withstands solvents and extreme temperatures. High quality spring steel for greater flexibility and durability. Ergonomic cork grip designed for comfort and performance. Slightly rounded edges and versatile double-blade technology for optimum finishing. Robust ultra-lightweight mounting for stability and easy handling.

Nela Premium SuperFLEX Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel 14" x 4.

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