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Primal Wear Grateful Dead Magnolia Cycling Jersey Men's Sport Cu


Primal Wear Grateful Dead Magnolia Cycling Jersey Men's Sport Cu

Product description

BRAND: Primal Wear - a Colorado-based company that has been making top-quality cycling apparel since 1992

FABRIC: SpeedPro - high tech dual denier fabric creates a push/pull affect to force moisture away from the body and pull it to the face of the fabric allowing it to evaporate quickly keeping cooler, drier and more comfortable. Jersey is machine washable.

MODEL: Grateful Dead Magnolia

--Great looking jersey inspired by the Grateful Dead artwork


-- Full length front zipper-great for increasing ventilation on hot days
--Three rear pockets
--Elastic waist
--Jersey cut slightly longer in back for better coverage

SIZING INFO: In general, cycling jerseys run smaller than regular shirts like t-shirts and are supposed to fit more snugly than regular street clothes. This model is a 'Sport Cut'.

--Medium fits 38" to 40" chest
(20.5" across chest at armpit level)

--Large fits 40" to 42" chest
(21.5" across chest at armpit level)

--XL fits 42" to 44" chest
(22.5" across chest at armpit level)

--XXL fits 44" to 46" chest
(24" across chest at armpit level)

--3XL fits 46" to 48" chest
(26" across chest at armpit level)

--4XL fits 50" to 52" chest
(28" across chest at armpit level)

--5XL fits 53" to 56" chest
(29.5" across chest at armpit level)

Primal Wear Grateful Dead Magnolia Cycling Jersey Men's Sport Cu

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