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9 Inch Thick Austin Mall Dildo Cock and Flesh Balls M Suction Year-end annual account with Natural

9 Inch Thick Dildo Cock and Balls with Suction, Natural Flesh, M


9 Inch Thick Dildo Cock and Balls with Suction, Natural Flesh, M

Product description

Looking for that dildo with a realistic feel? The 9" Thick Cock and Balls with Flexible Spine is made out of a unique material with superior properties that feels real and even warms to the touch. The 9 inch veined shaft is firm, incredibly realistic and will provide to you or your partner with an erotic sexual experience. The flexible internal spine allows the cock to remain erect for you at all times or bend twist or angle it to hit all the right spots, especially the G-Spot! It's sized perfectly for beginners, those who prefer an average sized cock and its even harness compatible. Try it for solo play or with a partner and is the perfect addition to any toy collector. Most importantly, its phthalates free for safe fun! Use a good quality water based lube to keep the material strong, and dust with cornstarch if it gets tacky. Measurements: Length: 9.8 inch 2.50 inch max insertable diameter

9 Inch Thick Dildo Cock and Balls with Suction, Natural Flesh, M

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